I certainly do not fail to realize the value of a sound economy. What has amazed me are the people who are money-oriented and their attitude toward Obama. During a recent golf outing a businessman complained constantly about the President. Finally I asked him how his business had done recently. NEVER BETTER, he said. ??? Later I asked about how many people his company employed (2012). His reply? Two hundred. How many four years ago, was my next question. Forty was the answer. And this guy is pissed? Another local business man constantly complains, yet it is easy to see his business is booming. Up to among his best years, he admitted. I asked “… can’t you remember when, in 2007, we were having lunch and (unnamed) came up to us with tears in his eyes, and sheer panic in his voice, crying that it looked like his heretofore highly successful business was about to go under? That was tough for me to watch, and this friend was in the same basic business. Coaches live and die with their win/loss record. George W. Bush was 0-10 for eight years in a row on the economy. Don’t kid yourself. The multi-trillion dollar runaway galloping deficit has its
origins in 2000-2008. Don’t forget it. Things still tough? Sure, but remember Pogo (“…it happened during my administration”),
I would have fired Bill Clinton. His total disregard for the dignity of the presidency was grounds for divorce from any number of institutions. And yet it begs the question: Oral sex or the Iraq war and a bankrupted country?
You people who expected your deficit to go away easily, think about this: What if a family with total income of $50,000 per year could, and did borrow 50 million dollars. How soon, given their income, could they pay this debt back? The deficit is hell on wheels.

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