“…get all the good players  you can get in legally.  After recruiting is complete coach the hell out of those you wound up with.”   Macky Carden, football coach, Elon College, circa 1985.

and, same source, “…  em ole coaches will find some loopholes. boy.  Let me tell you!”

College football bowl game profits go to the schools and bowls.

The NCAA makes tons on March Madness basketball.  They have loosened  some transfer rules.  It remains to be seen how this works out.  Certainly how to properly govern the “paying of the players” will merit attention.

Some recent ploys include 1. one and  done . 2. International  athletes.  3. Finding high profile substitutes willing  to transfer to a “lesser” school.  4. Mid year recruits. 5. More red-shirting.

I could not believe it when a division 1 basketball team  openly played an ineligible player in this early season.

A large number of players, great students, graduate from one school early, and with a year of eligibility remaining.  Transferring after graduation they can go to a different school, get an advanced degree and continue to play.

Should we label them DONE AND ONE?

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