logic 101

At age 75 the subjects of death and dying are frequent visitors to my peer’s conversations.
We are not unknown. This week was no exception with all the ads for hearing aids, AARP jitterbugs, Rx choices, and of course, the funeral opportunities.
These are pretty much the same, with two clinchers: You don’t want to be a burden to you family, and/or, you don’t want them to shoulder what is your responsibility.
Very logical and everyone seems to agree.  If so –then why not follow that same logic before your big day. The same people, it seems to me would want to spare the same family and friends the horrible options that seem unavoidable in the dying process. The exorbitant cost and frightful pain. No one wants either. Pay 80% of what you have saved to doctors, hospitals, insurance and pharmaceutical giants, while you knowingly, or not, suffer and outsource suffering to your loved ones?
I guess it is possible to die in a unique way. A more probable end, though, has surely been one suffered before,  and many times.
Try this on:  A kinder route would be a medical profession that designed a choice process for us. Just as the Right to Life choices offer some peace of mind, as well as the funeral pros.   Maybe an “easy button”.
When that time comes, you and your doctor discuss where you are and what are the next steps. I want the choice when my trusted physician says that “…this is next, or soon, and it is horrible,” to avoid useless expenses, family crippling demands, and ridiculous pain and indignation for all. EASY BUTTON TIME.
We need a registry of information that gives us the most dependable news, good or bad, on which we make OUR decision.

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