When Billie Jean King courageously “came out of the closet” it was a big deal. At that time in Wilson, North Carolina we sponsored a professional tennis exhibition. At a post play party, one of the local people made an anti-gay slur. One of the pros, Erik Van Dillen, a Californian, simply
stated, “that’s not too unusual where I come from.” Someone has stated that one in eight people
are homosexual. I know a lot of great gay people, and history is full of them. Isn’t equality an all encompassing term in America?
Get over it.
I saw a bumper sticker with “gay colors” (Jesus would slap the shit out of you).
In the impending days before the 2008 election there was at least one agreement. Commonly heard was the statement “… well, no matter who wins things are so bad they won’t be corrected and one term, probably not in two.” True then, true now.
But the “rock throwing” began almost immediately.
No answers, no solutions, just bitching about everything the man did. Worse than that, they followed Rush’s lead (“I hope he fails”). Isn’t that borderline treason?
So what actually has happened? Granted it has been slow-going. How could it be any other way given the negative behavior of Congress? And yet:
• There has been a remarkable recovery in the car industry.
• The housing industry is recovering.
• The Affordable Care Act is working and will continue to work better. April 1 marked the fulfillment of seven million people signing up.
• We have a president who can speak English. Remember: “… fool me, ah, twice, ah…fool me…ah…) and the combined zillion malapropisms of our top spokesman? The Right actually vilified President Obama, “…just because he can make a good speech, Wow.
• Unemployment is down.
• The job situation is much better.
• The President is carrying the flag for increased minimum wage.
• Many poor people or now covered with health insurance.
• The war in Iraq is over.
• He is getting them out of Afghanistan.
• The price of gas has been relatively stable. The stock market is at an all time high.
• Oil production in the United States is booming.
• Researches into “Green” options are yielding attractive alternatives that are essential to the
economy and environment.
• Information on climate change is gathering. Ninety seven percent of acknowledged scientists
agree it is a reality, with mankind a major contributor. This month the United Nation’s panel on climate change concluded that the “…world is warming, ice is melting, water flow is surging, Animals are changing their range and behavior, crop production is failing and once rare and deadly events are occurring with unnatural frequency.” The good news is someone is paying attention and evidence builds.
• The deficit has taken a remarkable downturn recently. More later.
• World opinion is has vastly improved during the Obama administration. And yet, unfolding history is rapidly revealing what a gigantic mess the others created.
• And, oh yes, Obama got Bin Laden!!!! Obama got him.
Still, here comes the race card, the tax card, the saber rattlers, the fear mongers. The old ones who send young ones to die for their profit, pride, or reelection. “A war is good for the economy”. Oh yeah? How did that work out this time?
Pete Seeger died this year. Was Pete right when he stated “… the best thing for the economy is no war.”
Take a guess as to who “walks with the money” a war makes? And who pays the bill?

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