• I heard an interview on National Public Radio about the Broadway play entitled JEWS TELLING JOKES. I hope I can do justice to one of the stories told about the Jewish grandmother. As it goes the grandmother and her beloved five-year-old grandson are in the ocean together. An ocean wave swept the child rabidly out to sea. The stunned grandmother
began to pray. “Oh, God not my grandchild. My only grandchild. God, if you grant me this wish
and bring my grandson safely back to me, I’ll never ask for anything else. Please bring him back.”
She watched in amazement as a golden dolphin hoisted the drowning child onto the dolphins
back with its tail. Beyond believing what she saw, she accepted the beloved child as the dolphin slid the youngster into her grateful arms. The golden dolphin hovered a few moments near the two. Then, with what looked almost like a human smile, it turned and swam back into the deep. The Jewish grandmother watched silently, then added a shout: “HE HAD A HAT”

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