Google Duke University library. Search “H. Lee Waters Film Collection”. Here you will find a directory of a very large number of towns. A few are nation-wide. Several are from Virginia and South Carolina, but most are of small North Carolina towns. These are truly interesting and of very good quality. No sound,being done in the late 30’s and early 40’s.
Remembering this period is post “Great Depression” and pre-World War 11 and before integration, one can see a world that was quite different. There are all kinds of settings and a lot of them, yet it seems the photographer emphasized schools and the youngsters (then), downtowns and their stores and owners and customers, and factory workers as they exited the day’s work.
It is difficult to look at the pre-teen and teenaged faces knowing that very shortly many of these will be in a war that affected so many of them. And us.

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