While I disagreed with Coach Norfolk on many issues, I was respectful toward him. And I may owe him my life. Vietnam was in the forefront. I was deferred as a teacher but, unmarried at the time, felt I should enlist. One morning before teaching, I left my breakfast meal at Tweeties (pancakes and a coffee) and went to work. I asked for some time with Coach Norfolk and told him I was considering the military. He talked me out of it, saying, “I need you more than they do.” He assured me the Marines were about to win the “Skirmish”, and it would be a waste of my time. I took him at his word. Later another of his basketball players told me he’d convinced him similarly. My guess is Coach Norfolk had seen enough war to keep us away from it.
Having taught for forty years I guess I was properly deferred. There’s always been a tinge of guilt.

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