The Little Green Book of Tennis

Harvey Penick’s “Little Red Book of Golf” is one of the best recent examples of coaching a sport. I have patterned my new book on tennis instruction using methods similar to Coach Penick. Drawing from fifty years of teaching and coaching, I share insights from my mentors who helped me craft repeatable techniques for winning. I also share our personal experiences and observations that have proven to be solid advice. Hopefully, you’ll find this book to be succinct and filled with gems for all levels of players and coaches.

The tennis book is NOW arranged from beginner to intermediate to advanced players. Then specific attempts to help coaches, teams, fans, parents, and tennis organizations.   Tennis people can more  logically access the proper tennis lessons

The other categories the book appears in thirds:  A. TENNIS, B.  TOWNS AND PEOPLE,  C. SUBJECTS DARK AND LIGHT.

3 thoughts on “The Little Green Book of Tennis

  1. Ray Stallings

    Coach Parham has written an unparalleled book(The Little Green…) that is a must-read for tennis fans everywhere.It should be required reading for all young players who aspire to improve their tennis skills and it will increase their appreciation for the sport itself. Parham has meshed his vast knowledge and experience of the game with the lessons he learned from the greats of the game.His understated humility, combined with his genuine love and respect for those he has encountered in his successful career makes for a remarkable read.
    Ray Stallings, Former Atlantic Christian College Player


  2. Russell Rawlings

    Tom Parham has written a superb book on the game of tennis that incorporates more than 50 years of thoughtful study and real life experience. Throughout his remarkable coaching career he remained a student of the game, wherein he would go anywhere and listen to anyone who might broaden what became a vast body of knowledge. This book is in many ways the download of the wisdom he gained by watching, listening, learning and coaching tennis. It is a must read for young players, coaches (especially new ones) and parents. As a coach who came in with no experience to one who left with three national championships under his belt, he knows of that which he speaks. He has also been a parent of all-star players, and dealt with the parents of dozens more. Buy this book, read it, and if you know anyone who is taking up the game or playing at the high school level, make sure they have a copy and their coach has a copy. It is a quick, easy read, yet it contains a breadth of knowledge that far outstretches the depth of its pages.

  3. Lane Evans-USPTA Elite Level Professional

    I could not agree more with Ray and Russell. This book will help every high school tennis coach in North Carolina and beyond. It is all in the fundamentals. This book will help coaches with the X’s & O’s of how to coach high school players, both boys and girls. Although it is getting better, high school tennis coaches have been primarily made up of basketball and football coaches in their off-seasons. No disrespect to them and we are grateful for their time and effort helping these programs but in order to be a successful tennis coach, you have to understand at least the fundamentals of the game. This is where The Little Green Book of Tennis comes in. After they have read this work, they can go right to the court and see what Coach Parham has been talking about in his book. That was the intention! Educate high school tennis coaches. I urge every tennis teaching professional, every tennis parent and every tennis enthusiast with a passion for the game to go to the NCTF site and order a copy today. Read and then give it away to a deserving coach or player that may not have been covered by this great program of Coach’s. Don’t over think this one. Just do it! Thank you for your support of high school tennis in North Carolina!

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