Excerpt from Chapter 1

I guess my first venture in to “fabrication” occurred with the fire chief. I don’t remember talking to “Chiefy” Martin, but the story goes I had a fishing pole or stick, with twine and a safety pin and was fishing in the two foot creek. “Chiefy” asked me if I’d caught anything and I said “…four”. When he asked where they were, I replied, “I’ve already eaten them.”

I distinctly remember my second, more serious, lapse. My dad gave me a white envelope with 50 cents in it for each Sunday’s collection plate. At about age five, I absconded with the fortune, not realizing he counted the money. When he asked where I’d acquired the shiny piece I told him from “Brownie Swan” who played the piano along with my mom in the church. Not a good answer. Although Brownie was beautiful, a fact I realized at five years, and while she seemed amused, my father didn’t.

9 thoughts on “Excerpt from Chapter 1

  1. Robin Rose

    Just got the post card; the check is in the mail. I am looking forward to the read and then passing it on. In several ways you helped me get a handle on my college life after the transfer to AC from Louisburg. Your advice and direction helped more than you will ever know. Thank you and congradulations Coach. Robin

  2. Gary McMahan

    WOW—What a read. It made me go back in time a realize how fortunate I had been to have Coach Parham [Tom I call him now] in my life. As I look at my life and my life’s work I often think about Barton College and the experiences I had that helped me develop. I am most appreciative of the guidance and homespun advice you gave me. It is proof that mentors are available at all levels of sport regardless of how good you were. My congratulations for sharing your life’s work. Gary McMahan

  3. To the Easter Bunny,

    Thank you for making me one of the one of the lucky ones to have you as a coach and to be a part of your family! You and Margaret sure knew how to make road trips fun and exciting! Not only was I privileged to have you as a tennis coach, but also to have you and Margaret as a “life” coach. Coach, above all else, thank you for making me a better person today. Congratulations on you book!

    Love your Lieutenant

  4. Adriano Blacutt

    Coach baby… Congratulations on your book! I just read about it and I like the previews already. I look forward reading it in full. A check is in the mail.

    I was hoping you’d come out with a written version of your life, and you just did. I can’t thank you enough for all the help and guidance you have given me throughout my tennis career at Elon. You and Margaret have a big place in my heart.

    Papi & Sarah

  5. Grayson Whitt

    Enjoyable, funny and a very entertaining book. I had a hard time putting the book down. Coach Parham you served an “ace”with this one. Good job, Roger Dodger.

  6. Jerry MacLean

    Watch out for preacher’s sons! As a fellow native of Moore Co. and former colleague at ACC-Barton College, I found your book to be quite interesting and informative. Your skills as a story-teller are quite evident and you did a really good job of describing characters – from “Tuddy” and “Bruno” to Paul Ritter and Ed Cloyd.
    I congratulate you for your huge accomplishmets and triumphs over life’s many obstacles. Here’s wishing you and Margaret many good years in retirement.
    Having said that, please leave some of those bad jokes out of your future publications.
    Yours in Moore County,
    Jerry MacLean

  7. Allen Searson

    Petey, Your “Chiefy” fishing tale reminds me of the story my dad (Petey the First) used to tell:

    “The country squire was escorting the new school marm around his estate by buggy, as he was often inclined to do. He beamed with pride as he pointed out the size and splendor of his many holdings.

    They encountered a young lad fishing off a bridge. Inquring as to the average size of the fish he was hauling in, the little fellow matter-of-factly replied —- ‘ain’t no bigger than your whatchamacallit.’

    Embarrased by the scoundrel’s crass response, the gentleman abrubtly departed. As soon as the buggy was out of earshot, he stopped and calmy turned to the lady. ‘Ma’am, I ain’t no hand to brag —- but that boy was catching some pretty good sized fish….’ ”

    Great to see you at the Barton HOF ceremony. I look forward to joining ya’ll in January. Allen

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