Emerald Isle, end of April, 2020.

My bride, Margaret, and I have stayed  “at home” six weeks as required.

This time period,  basically all of April, is surely different from the other fourteen Aprils we have spent here.   Most notable is the absence of people.  And the presence of great weather.   Combined I have spent more time realizing how beautiful this place is.  Nature is heavy duty.   Lot of critters.  No people sounds. I think I can hypnotize carpenter bees.

There is a price.  First bump was W Bush and  property value down like a ZION DUNK.  Stoopid war  (still going).  Blood, treasure, deficit of a trillion?  Don’t need wall street regs?  Picnic day for teddy bears.  Write the wars off the books.

Next:  Florence.  (“We’ll  be fine if there is not a bad hurricane”).

I remember Hazy.  1954.  The other names meant more to those they hit.  We will remember  Florence and the flooding.  And property damage.   We were all worried about “deductibles” and labor shortage.

The poor were and still are trying just to stay alive.

What the new virus exposes is how the poor in this country get the short end of the stick.  No one was to blame for the virus.   But do we not have a feeling for those whom the boot heels have crushed so often.

May comes tomorrow.  People can ease back in.  Have we learned  anything?  Winning a political argument,  and/or keeping your lifetime congressional seat have become lesser concerns.

“Tom—God could make a more beautiful day, but doubtless he never did”  (Dr. Lacy G. Hall)



The link above states that a trillion is this big:  If you could start counting dollar bills, one per second, non stop 24 hours a day it  would take approximately 32, 000 years to get to a trillion.

A trillion times 6 or 7.  That a lot of money.

Those who contend that the current economic changes will fry the President’s reelection chances, may won’t to consider some very grim thoughts:

  1.  Money vs Death.   One treasured confidant contends that in the final analysis humankind would  pick money.  Hmm.
  2. While the deficit trillions are horrendous, they are controlled by the current administration.  Who is “the decider”?
  3.  “…we will make him an offer he can’t refuse”.   Fear is a powerful tool.  Money too. The Mafia isn’t the only one who knows how they work.
  4. North Carolinians contend (now) that the civil rights  movement began in a Greensboro  Woolworth’s food counter with the “sit-ins”.  The late David Halberstam wrote THE RECKONING about those times.  He contended that a group from Nashville actually led the way.  Diane Nash, Marion Barry,  James Bevel,  among others, were students at Atlanta Baptist.  They had seen enough and made the supreme decision.  They will not frighten us, no matter what.  They wisely realized they were single, a significant factor:  They could not be manipulated by fear for their children’s lives.
  5.  Money can be used for good or bad.  Those  in control will choose.  If “the Decider” is a tyrant  who  considers their own wishes only, well?  If  reelection is the goal  and six trillion of “campaign aid” is accessible to one with no scruples, well—?Would one use a race horse head? unlimited pay off for any obstacle?   Use fear (terror if needed),  find ways to hide any amount.  Would one who won’t release their tax forms seem a little suspicious?  One with a past of greed, bankruptcy, draft dodging be the patriot above reproach?


“…now is the time for your tears.” (THE LONELY DEATH OF HATTIE CARROLL) by Bob Dylan