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Tennis in 2020 has been “different”. The French Open was no exception, cold weather and no fans. Had to adapt to that tough wind. Strategy—game plan. How you plan to win. Tactics–the tools you use to carry out your strategy. Jack Kramer said the fundamental strategy is to find what your opponent can’t handle. Drop …

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James Michener wrote a book on writing. One tool he highly recommended was Rodale’s Synonym Finder. To help describe the recent debate you may find his synonyms for “rude” and/or “rudeness” useful. “…I hate rudeness in a man. I won’t tolerate it.” Woodrow Call (LONESOME DOVE).


DUH? One guy won’t shut up even though the rules (the laws) dictate order. Then harps illegally that his opponent won’t “…say law and order!”

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