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TWO PASS FOR TWO (OR MORE) Not enough for a poker game?  Many gamblers fill that time with some version of gin rummy. Here is a home made poker game for when small numbers have “the itch”. The game for two:  PROCESS AND RULES *Determine the dealer. Dealer alternates  round to round. SCORING  *This is …

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Gerald said, “…every now and then the cow eats the butcher!” Football season is here! Actually it is “money game season”. You whip us, but you pay us. Say what? Appalachian beats Texas A & M and walks with 1.5 mil! Boone Goons rock. Marshall screwed the system too. Stuff happens. Still—- How many over …

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It is probably lucky public school teachers didn’t have guns in the 1950’s. They would have shot some of us.

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