H.”DYLAN DAYS” (178)

Jennifer Fulmer played on my Women’s tennis team at Elon University. One day the AUSTIN TEXAS senior wore a “Dylan Days” tee shirt to practice. She told me that they played Dylan all day long in Austin every  year on that day.
Mr. Dylan just won the Nobel Prize for Literature, having just played the desert concert along with the ‘stones, Paul McCartney, the Who, Neil Young,etc. Quite a week.
Tonight he plays on tour in Durham,NC.

“,,,roses are red and violets are blue,
and time is beginning to crawl.
I just might have to come see you,
where teardrops fall.”


Bob Dylan Setlist
at Altice Arena, Lisbon, Portugal
Tour: Never Ending Tour Tour statistics Add setlist

Things Have Changed

It Ain’t Me, Babe

Highway 61 Revisited

Simple Twist of Fate

Summer Days

Make You Feel My Love

Honest With Me

Tryin’ to Get to Heaven

Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right

Pay in Blood

Tangled Up in Blue

Soon After Midnight

Early Roman Kings

Desolation Row

Spirit on the Water

Thunder on the Mountain

Why Try to Change Me Now
(Cy Coleman Jazz Trio cover)

Love Sick

Blowin’ in the Wind

Ballad of a Thin Man


Suggested Songs (Dylan) for certain topics:
Poverty: Race: Academia: The Bizarre: Dignity: Pride:
“Hollis Brown”
“Blind Willie McTell”, “Emmett Till” “Day of the Locusts”
“Desolation Row”
“Foot of Pride”
“Masters of War”
“Blowin’ in the Wind”
“Its Alright , Ma”
“With God on Our side”
“John Brown”
“All Along the Watchtower
“High Water (Charlie Patton)
“Going, Going, gone”
“Girl from the North Country” “Maggie’s Farm”
“Stuck Inside of Mobile”
“I’ll Remember You”
“Love Minus Zero/No Limit”
“She belongs to Me”
“Forever Young”
“Lord Protect My Child”
“Most of the Time”
“Hard Rain”
“Lay, Lady, Lay”
“If Not For You”
“Tight Connection to My Heart” “Love is Just a Four Letter Word” “Tangled Up in Blue”
“Lily, Rosemary, & the Jack of Hearts” “Brownsville Girl”
“Political World”
Depression: Home: Capitalism: Alienation: Friendship: Art:
Children: Lost Love:
Ecology: Love:
Storytelling: “
Politics: 250
Play Is Where Life Is
Best “Covers”
1. All Along the Watch Tower 2. Mr. Tambourine Man
3. Blowin’ in the Wind
4. License to Kill
5. Most of the Time
Jimi Hendrix
The Byrds
Peter, Paul, and Mary
Tom Petty
From “Masked and Anonymous”


A few years back there was a TV show called COACH.  Burt Reynolds played “Coach”.  Hal Holbrook was his father-in -law.  In every episode there would be a situation from the past that Burt would innocently mention, eliciting the constant response from Holbrook:  “yeah-but that was before you married my daughter and ruined my life.”

Football staffs just call each other Coach.  Lots of turnover.  I coached 40 plus years and hung around a lot of coaches who couldn’t remember, or pronounce my name confidently.  I didn’t mind being called Coach.  I always wanted to be a coach and was proud some people thought I was one.

When you retire people ask,  “what do you do all day?”  Bum Phillips said “…I don’t  do nothing and I don’ start till noon”.  I only have one appointment booked weekly (Wed. 3pm til 8pm at VFW Post 6690).   And I have helped with a local high school tennis team.

I had been doing projects and you have to have projects to make the winter tolerable.  Now, nearly 80 years old,  I’m cutting back .  My grandson in Raleigh calls me POP.  I think I’ll be Pop for a while now.


S. RAP (344)


“…where did you go Joe dDiMaggio, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.


Someone said Bob Dylan’s SUBTERRANEAN HOMESICK BLUES was the first rap song.

How about Don McClean’s AMERICAN PIE . Or Billy Joel’s WE DIDN’T LIGHT THE FIRE?

Where is rap? Eminem? Anyone, …Bueller? The fodder is there. Never been more cherries to pick.

  • No shortage of Trump bashing books. Amy Suskind’s THE LIST capsizes all the dishonesty and absurdity in her list (throw enough stuff on the wall and some will stick). Fear-mongering in America is nothing new: Top picks : KKK, the mafia, and the IRS.   Watergate Bob Woodard entitles his book FEAR, highlighting Trump’s proclamation of its effectiveness.
  • Hey, hey hey.   FDR (“we have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”)
  • David Halberstam’s book , THE CHILDREN, cites the courage of the young Nashville college students who led the civil rights protest’s beginning . Led by Diane Nash, James Bevel, Marion Barry and others–the group had to take these fearful actions before their children were born. They saw the chilling effect of fear on their elders, when threats to children and grandchildren were common.

Has there ever been a greater need for young Americans to screw up their courage and to tell the would be emperor he not only is naked, but also stripped of fear?


PS vote until the fox is out of the henhouse. Vote only for those who will (1) vote for some form of terms limits and (2) agree to be publicly hung if they renege once elected..


With apologies :

Trump is in the Whitehouse,

nation’s in the crap-house.

Manafort, Roger Stone and Cohen,

Off to the jailhouse, they’ll be going.


Wall in China, grab vaginas

Stoopid rednecks in Carolinas.

Shut down, shut up, plan unravels,

Oops, Nancy has the gavel.


I couldn’t vote for Donald,

You couldn’t vote for Hilary.

Now we’d both would vote for daffy duck,

How much worse could it be?


Tax evasion, New York past.

Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity,

What a cast.

Rude, crude, tolerate insanity,

How much longer will you let it be?


No dog for Trump, dogs won’t take him

McCain is a loser? What a thing to shout.

Military expertise?, prep school academies!

Vietnam, heel corns, gotta use my daddy’s clout


GOP–no more hiding.   Right and wrong are colliding.

On the fence? Vote like Pence?

Come on man, use your sense


Iraq I didn’t, Iraq I did,

Tweets and flip-flops, spell like a kid.

Blame Obamas, but give her speech,

First lady, out of reach.


See no heroes, neither saints,

Sent poor ‘W”off to paint.

“W” got it right once. This is it:

Trumps’s inauguration: “…ain’t that some weird shit”







(ALBERT JOE and the Billy Goat Dance)

Abba joe from balt e mo

Get your skinny tight pants.

Billy goats, nanny goats,

Evah body dance


Huey duey donald duck and daffy

Uncle looey’s dirty jokes,

Made evah body laffy


Looey looey barbequey,

Momma likes a toddy.

Legoes and pregoes,

Dinners get shoddy


Daddy cooks, momma looks,

Bubble gum and bumble bees,

Eat your greens , fart your beans

We all dance for honey.


In a well? Ring my bell!

Up a tree? Call on me.

Rodger lodger, dirty codger.

Roger dodger man to see.


Hootchie kootchie

Momma louchie—

Bobawhobahah, bobaloochie,

Evah body dance



Mull er, mule er, Ashtabula.

Daffy, Donald, rump and dump.

Hot dogs, French fries. Soc and Beulah.

Scandals, vandals, broken handles,

Use both hands and pump.


Throw out the life line,

Someone is sinking today.

Don’t think we can take much more?

Throw out the life line—

Throw out the life line,

We are drifting too far from shore


Waylon \Willie- Jimmy Carter Billy.

Dylan villain? Don’’t be silly,

Listen to the lines.

Girls are better. Ask Loretta. Emmy Lou and Dolly.

Music can save your very soul,

Forehand, backhand, serve and volley




With your hands in your pockets

And your pockets in your pants,

Watching all the fishees do

The hootchie kootchie dance.


Hootchie kootchie, Alabama

Marmalade and jelly.

Put your shoes back on,

Your feets are too smelly.


Rodger dodger, hootchie kootchie

Hokey pokey ants.

Come on down to pete’s

And watch the billy goat dance.


Hootchie kootchie james and lennox

Watching daddy dance.

They got their hands in their pockets

And their pockets in their pants.



Andre Parham

Mon, Mar 25, 10:49 PM (5 days ago)

Grand Babies

Today at 8:36 PM
With your feet in your socks
And your socks in your shoes,
Watching all the turtles do
The Grand Daddy blues.
Shimmy shimmy coco puffs
Partying with Mr. Diesel
Milk and ice cream sandwiches
It’s so fun, but not always legal.
Shimmy shimmy coco puffs
Shimmy shimmy pow!
Come on down to Bubbie’s house
The beach’ll make you say, “Wow!”
Playing fun games with Lennox and James
Watching Granddad  pose
They got their toes in the sand
And the sand in their toes.