As a Southern Baptist minister’s son I was early on aware of the tift between “moderates” and ‘conservates”. At age 82 I’ve had a long time to watch (“…you can observe a lot by watching!”—Yogi Berra ).

A good friend gigged me with a pro-conservative e-mail. I wrote back and simply asked if he was a “Republican” or a “Trump”? He hasn’t responded. But he has to soon. Mid-term elections are here. Matter of fact the church has to vote. Politicians. Public and private schools-colleges- universities. Issues of race relations, equality, democracy, climate dangers, abortion, greed. prejudice. lot of issues on the American plate in November.

“Now is the hour” sang the Baptist.

“People Get Ready” sang The Temptations.

People get ready,

there’s a train coming.

Don’t need no ticket–

you just get on board.

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