1940-2020 ( a decent into poetry)


The fire station siren rang all day long.  WW11 was over.  Clearly a good thing, even for a five year  old.  Even  glamorous .  At fifteen one wasn’t quite so sure about  Korea.  Vietnam became a shaky no.  Irag ? Blood and treasure and national debt of a trillion.  How many of their men and women and children died? 

 Or wander around with fewer limbs.  Anybody care?

Witnessed  the birth of  rock and roll.  Ray Charles to Dylan to the Beatles.  One on Abraham, Martin, and John.  Then Bobby.

Sex changes and Sex Changes.  Pill to no period, period. Aids period to period.

Every body smoke to COPD.   Moonshine to every day wine.

Sports are fun and funny,  to now we play for money.

The climate bump, pile on Trump.

Lid off trash can, race crawls out again.

What did we learn, just earn?

Who to ask, everyone in a mask.

Look back, come clean —ask the old ones 

what they have seen.

One thought on “1940-2020 ( a decent into poetry)

  1. Teri Kennedy

    When I was reading, I fell into a cadence of Subterranean Lovesick Blues a la Dylan.
    Love it, Tom. You are a natural poet of our history!

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