I was in Mrs. McCollom’s 3rd grade class room in Madison, NCin 1948. Some how it dawned on me that the others were reading better than I. Not only that — I figured out I’d assumed up to that point that reading didn’t matter that much to a pro quarterback.

Yuval Harari’s formula had not been introduced in 1948:

“Biological knowledge multiplied by computing power multiplied by  data = ( rapid change).” Think current Hackers.

Isn’t the current “divide” in America basically fact versus fake. Fox vs Mainstream. Choose.

Religion vs science? I noticed Ron Reagan is pumping Atheism. Dylan said Mrs. Lucy jumped in the lake, but”…I’m not that eager to make a mistake!”*

Harari (again) says data eventually becomes God because data is truth (fact) and truth is the goal.

If science is fact and religion (faith) is belief, should not religion defer to science, Someone recently said— I believe a good shot of kerosene might knock out the virus.

Dylan again: Things are getting tough out there ( HIGH WATER).

Things are going to only get more competitive (“Then you better start swimmin’ or you will sink like a stone….” )



People get ready
There’s a train a comin’ (Curtis Mayfield)

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