HOMO DEUS.  (by Yuval Harari)

=Biological knowledge x computer power x data is producing rapid change.  Data reveals truth, not religion or “my gut”.   Data can reshape and reengineer humanity.

“Mankind’s quest to upgrade humans to gods.”

Mankind has almost, and will, conquer the three remaining super problems–famine, plague, and war.=

Modern scientists have  known for a long time that microbes, not Russia, are our enemies.  Yuval Harari wrote HOMO DEUS years before Trump concluded that Covid was a “hoax”.    A vaguely veiled political gamble that culminated in 150 American deaths  (so far).   Our ‘wartime  president” who cut the budget item designed to combat just such an enemy, then squealed and squatted on the wrong strategy.  Paste out of tube.

Perhaps Harari will be proven correct about real and future dangers ( plaque, famine, war).   Right now  three are current major, humanity threatening problems:  Covid, Racism,  Trump.    We have less than 100 days to decide.   Trump has cast the dye.  The next four  (god forbid) will be much like his first four.   To cure infection you cut out the boil.  Flawed leadership cannot defeat covid or racism.

At 80 years of age I recently began  to ask what could I do to be helpful.  Never political, I have never given much money, preached for a party, put a sign up in the yard or on my car, etc.  And the truth is I don’t have a  “following”.

But I am an American.  a father, a grandfather, friend and grateful citizen who for the first time fears for it all.  I beg you all to help vote Trump out.

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