I closely watched the Fike Football Staff. Things were
rough. At about mid year they were 1-6, or so. Late Sunday night, Henry would torture the staff meticulously watching film, over and over.
Now Joe, at 6’2”, 210 lbs. was a great looking guy and still is. Bur his eyes sit only an inch apart. “Bo” Weir, an assistant principal, and volunteer football coach, had one eye point one way, one the other.
One Sunday night, assistant John Green, designated cameraman, stopped the camera abruptly and cut on all the lights.
“I figured it out”, Green stated. “It’s all staff assignments. We got Robin- son, with those eyes, watching the Ends, and “Bo” watching the interior linemen. Switch them sons-a-bitches and we’re home free.”
Something began to work. 1967, 68 and 69 Wilson Fike won consecutive 4A state football titles.

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