My friend, the late Hilton Yow and I talked often, mostly about sports, his beloved daughters, his “really bad hip”, and religion. Hilton was strong “born again”. My Dad was a Southern Baptist Minister.
Hilton got my attention on TV. While channel-hopping I spied him next in line to be “healed”. The would be “healer” called Hilton up. He put it like this: “Come on up, Sir, and tell us what is wrong”.
I’m thinking HIP all the way. But just as Hilton started to speak, the “healer” admonished my friend, “…no, don’t say anything. I’ll tell you where it is!’
My initial thought was that was a little risky even for a healer.
Without a word from Hilton, the Reverend began to trace with his forefinger, parts of Hilton’s lower face, his neck and upper shoulders.
He looked confidently at Hilton and suggested, “…I’m getting it aren’t I?”
Hilton looked chagrined, yet still hopeful adding this, his only comment: “Well, no. But go ahead and get all of it while you are in there!”

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