From 2012 at $1.1 trillion down to $680 billion in 2013, the “smallest number since 2008.” The deficit falling more sharply “…than any year since World War II ended.”
Still I wonder what could have been accomplished if the administration had not had to deal with “… harsh partisanship and a GOP leadership interested primarily in improving the fortunes of the wealthy…”
So, will W and his bunch, mean I have to die five years earlier? Someone said there was 60 billion dollars worth of government fraud during the Iraq/ Afghanistan wars. Someone estimated the total bill for these wars combined would eventually be $4-$6 trillion. Think about that. They can’t get within two trillion dollars for an accurate estimate!
And yet all of this pales compared to a statement released by the Department of Veteran Affairs this month. This government-sponsored department announced that we are experiencing 22 suicide’s daily veterans of these two wars. This totally shocked ancient me. That is almost one veteran per hour. Similarly, they reported an estimated 1800 total of similar suicides in the first quarter of 2014.
To me, this is among the most startling, sad, and truly disgusting among facts that have accrued from a decision that was so flawed and ill advised. Not one dime for our veterans wounded physically or psychologically should be begrudged, and yet the cost of all of this damage, personal and financial, has to be borne by our country. This mistake was colossal. It was wrong. And the message is clear: The decision to go to war must be made with the utmost caution from our leaders.

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