(“…you’re gonna need a bigger boat!”)

When I started working on the Little Green Book of Tennis two years ago. I soon realized I needed help. A lot of people helped out, none more than this:

“The NC Tennis Foundation (NCTF) has made available a way for donors to contribute to the NCTF and purchase a book(s) for an active NC High School Coach. NCTF is pleased to help supply Tom Parham’s book, “The Little Green Book of Tennis” to our many hardworking coaches who can gain knowledge about tennis to impart to their HS players.”

Our intention is to give all 750 high school varsity tennis coaches, boys and girls, a copy of this guide.
We have already shipped books to 17 North Carolina counties in packages of 20 books (10 for girls and coach, 10 for boys and coach) to each high school in that county. Some 700 books. There are 31 schools with books for coaches.
This has been financed by individual gifts. I hope I have thanked each of you properly.
We are far from finished. The GIFTS NOW SHOULD GO THROUGH:
Address and mail check to:

2709 Henry Street
Greensboro, NC
Tag the check at bottom:
For–Tom Parham’s Book(s)

Here are some others comments:

* I have “over E-mailed”! — One of many mistakes as a beginner in technology.
I have a “blog” (www.tomparham.wordpress. com) and will now post related links here you may want to see. No more bombardment. And forgive me.
• Chuck Kriese asked me to promote the book and program (“Tennis for High Schools”) on his radio show. Podcasts can be googled any time. Thanks, Coach Kriese!
• Coach Ron Smarr is heading a group of “old coaches” who want to help young coaches, teams and players. I will post a link to this PAY IT FORWARD, and a contact for helping us with this avenue of support and recognition.
• Coach Jeff Trivette of UNC GREENSBORO helps host the tennis clinic for the North Carolina High School Athletics EAST/WEST games. Coach Michael Leonard will host a clinic for coaches. This is a good place to insure distribution to your programs, Coaches. Coach Linsey Linker is helping with NORTH CAROLINA TENNIS COACHES ASSOCIATION. This is an independent support group for high school tennis in our state.
• I have talked to both First Tee of Austin and Mr. Harvey Penick’s son, Tinsley, about the link between red book of golf and our green book of tennis. They were very nice.
• I am particularly proud of the support of my former players at Atlantic Christian/Barton College, and Elon University. Their gifts have combined with other friends, some tennis people and some not, to raise about $15,000.
• The ability to give through the Foundation will give us a boost. And credibility. I am glad not to be selling on my own.
• There are other states interested in what North Carolina is doing with this unique idea. We already have a “presence” in South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Florida. Some interest too from the USTA, the Southern Tennis Association, the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, and the National Federation of High School Athletics. Tennis camps are interested. The League teams and coaches see its possibilities for improving their programs as do recreation departments.

In conclusion, fundraising is not my cup of tea. Yet , this project is dear me. I believe I wrote a good book; one Mr. Penick, Coach Leighton, Jim Verdick, and others, would sanction as (1) a great method (Mr. Penick’s), (2) a great message from “our tennis masters”, (3) a great purpose in our young people, and finally (4) a fine network of people, tennis people, North Carolinians, Southerners, Americans.

Help us out!
PS. I promise to never ask anyone for money again. And you don’t to come to my funeral.


Old coach


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