This is repeated from blog 322.  FEAR AND INTIMIDATION have a high success rate. Try the Mafia’s history. Threaten one’s children and you may get your way. No one suffered intimidation more than the black population of America. In David Halberstam’s THE CHILDREN he describes how young blacks realized they had to confront racism before they had children, having witnessed their parent’s fear of someone hurting their children and thus not being able to act.

So many of the “school shooters” fit a similar profile: Teenaged, white, male, not much parental foresight. Isn’t it logical to try to prevent this scenario?
Is this the algorithim we must  identify?
1. I can’t fight them
2. No one at school will help.
3. My parent(s) won’t do anything. Or don’t know how.
4. I’ll practice my videos and get good. Daydream of revenge.
5. I am great at this.
6. Somehow access to an assault weapon
7. “After tomorrow that son of a bitch will never scare me again. Nor will his buddies.”

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