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Tom Parham’s Little Green Book of Tennis
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Tom Parham’s “Little Green Book of Tennis”

The Little Green Book of Tennis was written by Tom Parham. This book has been touted as the tennis instruction book for the next generation of high school coaches and players. Tom humbly takes no credit for writing the book. Instead, he will tell you that he wants to pass on great information from two of the best coaches in our game—Jim Leighton of Wake Forest University and Jim Verdieck of Redlands University. Tom learned and gives credit for his coaching development to all of the various coaches and players he encountered throughout his coaching career. Tom Parham won three national championships and had a 597 – 195 winning record. He was the National Coach of the Year four times, is a member of the North Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame and the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame.

The North Carolina Tennis Foundation (NCTF) is very supportive of high school tennis. In keeping with the many things the NCTF does for high school tennis, we have created a donor designated fund to help get The Little Green Book of Tennis in the hands of all 700 plus high school coaches in North Carolina. Coach Parham has made the book available for $20 for each active high school coach in our great state.

If you would like to help achieve this goal, just send a check to the NCTF for whatever amount you would like and designate on the check, “Tom Parham’s book.” We will make sure an active high school coach in North Carolina gets the book!

You may send your check to:

NC Tennis Foundation

C/o Tom Parham’s Book

2709 Henry St

Greensboro NC 27405

If you have any questions, please email Kelly Gaines at

Thank you for your consideration!

Here is what others have said about “The Little Green Book of Tennis”:

“Coach Parham is a masterful teacher, southern humorist, and sports philosopher who explains tennis strategies and techniques in a way that anyone can “get it”. The wisdom gained in a brilliant career has been boiled down to bite-sized pearls of wisdom in “The Little Green Book of Tennis” – a must-read for coaches, instructors, players, and parents.” Ron Smarr INTERCOLLEGIATE TENNIS HALL OF FAME

“If you are looking for a tennis book that is both entertaining and thought provoking, this is the book for you. Tom Parham’s insights and musings are both informative and entertaining. As a former college coach, I found it a great read! This Hall of Famer has the ability to think outside the box and you might just find yourself doing the same thing. Coaches will appreciate his originality and benefit from his years of experience.” Coach Bob Bayliss—Notre Dame Men’s Tennis, ITA HALL OF FAME

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