Some thought post-AUSTRALIAN OPEN 2017:
1. Several newcomers do well. Recent “Slams” have produced few players beyond the second round. Our YOUNG players
corrected that. Keep coming.
2. Still it is obvious that our best results come from the “pathway” or family. Today (the Williams sisters, the Bryan
brothers, and now, CoCo Vanderweghe.) as well as historically.  A most telling verification of the “family” came from one of the same background, Chris Evert who
would quickly agree that her Father was her coach:
Chris: CoCo was asked early on to come to Boca (FLA)to train. But she said “…heck no, I’m not leaving my family and friends.”
The pathway requires a lot of attention and variables, none of which the parent doesn’t best provide. Local pros turn out more advanced players that academies.
4. And, again, The American college/university system is the best training ground in the world for elite athletes. But you’ve got to have scholarships for
5. VENUS WILLIAMS IS ROYALTY. And her whiplike service is the best model out there. Glad her health is better.

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