“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”
People literally went to the movie GONE WITH THE WIND to hear the “damn” word spoken on film.
Similar words exist today. The worst is the N word. Won’t type it. “F”ing” has become a current dodge. Two current books with “F**K in the title were on the Pearl Street book store shelf in Boulder recently.
In an earlier blog I stated the noble sage, Coach Morningstar, said sex was undefeated. Several caught me and reminded me that “Pussy is undefeated” is the quotable assertion. The late Robin Williams stated his favorite word was pussy. Pussy Galore made a Bond film. Tis a different day when the President says, “…I just grab’em by the pussy!”
What has this got to do with the current version of WHERE ARE WE NOW AND HOW DID WE GET HERE?
The Morningstar dictum comes into play often in the political arena. Think Bill Clinton, John Edwards, JFK, FDR,etc. Republicans equally. Wilbur Mills was a classic. Spike Lee calls Trump, “Agent Orange”; certainly a barrier-breaker in the world of civility.
I would have fired Bill Clinton for his disrespectful variation of the above opine. Yet revisiting the “W” days and the following, when an unjust war, written off the books, and deregulation (costing the American public 17 trillion dollars), it seems that blow jobs and balanced budgets may be preferable to what happened 2000 to 2008. Not to mention the 18 years of growing debt, bloodshed, and despair from that dishonest war decision.
It is hard to remember unity, but just prior to the 2008 election the large majority of democrats and republicans agreed, that no matter who was elected it would take a long, long time to right the ship. Literally within months after his election, Obama was being blamed for the whole mess, and chastised for not having it all forgotten. By the same token “I don’t care about anything else, Trump is a BUSINESS MAN” has been trumpeted by the loonies. And he credits himself for a nine year financial upswing. This bravado began within almost weeks of his swearing in, yet the beginning of the steady upswing goes back to 2009, OBAMA, YEAR 1-FIRST TERM.
I hope we can unify, our only chance to make America great again. It will take a long time. Whether we can return to greatness (and hopefully civility) will demand effort by all citizens, not by self proclamation.

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