A. THUGS (161)

Back to the “vacuum theory”. Earlier I was warned about using the word “thug” to describe some athletes. I had used the term as a quote from a current college football player on a top ten Division I team. The paraphrased estimate was that of the 100 best football players on his team about 60 were thugs, who neither had the ability nor the inclination to be a legitimate student.
Question one: Are there not thugs among every race, gender, nation?
Next—is the current paradigm for football teams 20-60-20? Or twenty better, brighter kids with lesser ability, sixty thugs, and another twenty who though not quite ready or good enough, have the ability to benefit from the opportunity now availed to them?
Assuming the Admission Departments would not admit the inadmissible, who would fill the void when all the thugs were vacuumed out?

“Now you are sounding like a racist, Coach. You want some white kids to fill the void”!
I doubt that would happen. Each year less and less affluent youngsters elect to play football. Good or bad? True either way.
Given the great vacuum who would be the recipients? Surely a black youngster. Maybe smaller, a step slower,etc. But also with his earlier education efforts and a real desire for and belief in, education and upward mobility, isn’t he a better choice in the long run. We have seen what happens to the thugs, post eligibility. But in the long run wouldn’t everyone from the youngster to the country benefit, given the “cleansing”?
Ah, but that earlier “admissions assumption”.
We just got a ruling on UNC CHAPEL HILL. Lots of “rock throwing”. But it is not a Carolina problem. It is not just an athletics problem, or just an education problem, or a race problem. It is a money problem.
Follow me:
1. Your school hires an admission chairperson who will uphold sound guidelines. WHAT NEXT?
2. A coach wants thug wonderful in to save the day. (or his job). Admission holds firm. NEXT?
3. Coach goes to Athletics Director: “If we don’t get this guy in he’s going to Dastardly University next door”
4. A.D. off to the President’s office thinking “…if we lose a couple of more years….”
5. So far “Captain Admissions” hasn’t wavered, but isn’t that the President who called.
6. The Prez hangs tough. His next call is from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
7. “President Waffles, if we don’t compete, three of the “Deep Pockets Five” say to pull their donor cards.”
The “Carolina Scandal” is the “moment” again (remember Bill Friday and The Knight Commission). But the issue is money.

One thought on “A. THUGS (161)

  1. Allen Searson

    Notre Dame comes the closest to pulling it off, Coach. Its difficult and certainly not foolproof, but they have so much tradition and exposure that they can fall back on. I despise them, however, and not for that reason…it’s because they are Notre Dame.

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