Introduction (1)

In 2007, I wrote a book, “Play is Where Life Is.” Since then, I have enjoyed putting bits of the book, and the comments they elicit up on this blog. My son, Dan, was kind enough to do all of the technical and design work.

Many of these posts are tennis related…many are not. They are all here for everyone’s use and I hope you will find some, or all, of them helpful.


2 thoughts on “Introduction (1)

  1. Remy Nagel

    Dear Coach,
    Just wanted to write you a little note…..

    As I become more successful in my business I can’t help to remind myself of some basic life lessons that I feel must lead my daily actions and decisions . Work hard, be true, be honest, what you give is what you get. And despite any temporary set-backs that everyone may encounter, don’t let it “cloud” your ethics or judgments.

    Work hard:……..Obviously

    Be true:………Take all your experience, all your life lessons and use it to the best of your ability.

    Be honest:………Don’t ever take advantage of the point made above to deprive or deny others from their dreams, opportunities or beliefs.

    What you give is what you get:……..Life has it’s funny way to prove that doing good, and being the best you can be eventually pays off. It helps you grow as an individual and eventually become a wholesome contributor to your family, your friends, your community and therefore our society.

    Now, we all have our demons, we all have our flaws. But I wish we all were raised, taught and nourished by parents or other influential people who somehow were able to convey some great lessons of life.

    I sometimes find myself asking: “what would Coach Parham think of this”. Then I think: “why on earth is Coach Parham in my head”. Then I conclude: “it doesn’t matter as I honestly hope I will be in someone’s head one day, just like Coach Parham”.

    Coach, before you think that you are a Saint….. “Saint” is a title that can only be awarded afterwards. And as Margret will obviously be consulted in this, know that your wife always has the final word.

    Nevertheless,… we (Imre and I) thank you for creeping into our heads sometimes. It helps and is truly appreciated.


    Remy and Family.

  2. ethomasparham

    thanks for the kind words. i miss you both and am glad you have each other and the lovely boys. sorry margaret missed her bone marrow trip there…we love you all. coach

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