The other night I was thinking about the college professor who guided me from a major in business to majoring in English and following my passion. Her name was Dr. Mildred Hartsock and she was the head of the English Department at Atlantic Christian College. My googling revealed the attached article your brother Tom wrote that mentioned Dr. Hartsock. As I read his article I was struck by his wisdom about racism and his declarations strongly opposing it. Bold words especially years ago when he took his stand and spoke the truth. And now, knowing you and recognizing your dedication to equality and justice what he writes so honestly is a strong tribute to your parents and the Parham family.
I’m sure you read this article back when it was written but I thought you might enjoy reading it again. Everything he says is relevant still today…racism must always be denounced and led by people like Coach Tom Parham…and you.
Enjoy your day…this made mine brighter!
The note above was sent to  me by my sister, Gerry Ritter.  Thanks to Gerry and Rick Chappell , the note’s author.
    The link attached will access my book, ALOT (a level of thinking),  through the first 100 of 225 pages.  This section is now free.  Also linkage to 337 articles is listed (www.tomparham.wordpress.com)

My father, E.T. Parham and wife, Geneva, were kind people.  I think my Sister has done more  like–kindness than  I.  Bob Dylan,  asked about doing it all over responded, “…I would be more kind.”
Again, to access the free 100 pages of ALOT, scroll down to  “selected pages”.  The first picture is of four women, my Mom and her sisters.  Punch it and scroll backwards to the blue cover and book’s page 1.
A cover of THE LITTLE GREEN BOOK of TENNIS  is also posted.  These two and PLAY IS WHERE LIFE IS are the best of my seven .   All now can be accessed freely, as well as the aforementioned blog.  Other books include, 1. HELPING,  2. THANKSGIVING  3. NEARLY  FIFTY  and  “COUNTRY”.
(“… that’s all she wrote, the pencil broke”).  tp


Tom Parham <ethomasparham@gmail.com>

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