How sure are you of your own beliefs? Have you changed your mind in the last 10 years on abortion, homosexuality, the Catholic Church, Muslims, atheism? Others? Should churches lead the way in integration? Are sexual indiscretions (Clinton, Tiger, John Edwards, Arnold S. and numerous others from all walks of life) really the fault of these individuals? After all it happens so often, and nobody seems to learn anything, where does blame lie? Maybe God made this one mistake: He may have made sex too good to be reasonable about.
Lewis Grizzard once wrote an article about music played at funerals. At the end he said he asked his brother, Ludlow, what he wanted played at his funeral. Ludlow said “Volleyball”.
I don’t think I want much of a funeral. Maybe some sort of party, I do love music. And I made a CD I called my Funeral Disc. Here are some of my selections:
•Heroes and Friends by Randy Travis
• Please Don’t Bury Me by John Prime
• In Your Time by Bob Seger
• Green Pastures by Emmylou Harris
• Put Me in Coach by John Fogerty
• Forever Young by Joan Baez
• When the Deal goes Down by Bob Dylan
•To Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan
• Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Jerry Lee Lewis
• America by Ray Charles. NOTE: This should be our real National Anthem. And only the Ray Charles version.

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