D. On decency (384)

Perhaps  the moment  most remembered from the McCarthy hearings was the  question “have you no decency, sir?”

Having rerun the tape of Eric Swalwell supposedly farting during the impeachment hearing,  I wonder how low current politics will dip.

I drove a van full of college male athletes for forty years of fart and giggle.  No one ever admitted to farting.

The ability to edit tapings now days and the lack of decency concerns me.  Eric said “…it wasn’t me, as they all do.   Still my finely tuned ear and experience with farters, coupled with technology, makes me wonder.  When they slow down the speed juxtaposing sound with facial expression (he sort of smiles with a sigh of relief that  is damning),  they are close to reality.

If they photo-shopped the whole deal why pick on Swalwell?  My choice would be  Gordon Sondland,  whose face looks like he just farted all the time.  How about Fiona Hill.  Was it a male only sounding fart?

Two certainties:   The current government knows the arena of dirty (excuse the pun) tricks.  They do get a kick out of juvenile behavior.

Were Trump and Giuliani off somewhere giggling together, when the bomb exploded?  Who provided the original soundtrack– Chris Christie?




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