“The fundamental strategy of tennis singles is to find out what the other guy can’t do, and attack that.” Jack Kramer.
Iraq, 9/11, W?  Who was right? Continuing argument that seems to have caused a polarization like none other.
Did we become so defensive of our initial opinions, that winning the argument was more important than the truth.
The truth will out. It is still unfolding. Yet the paralyzed debate spawns stagnation.
The original GOP debate yielded a 13-0 vote to bomb hell out of Iran. None on the panel served in the Military.
Trump denigrating John McCain’s imprisonment was stunning. Followed by his equating his attendance in “a military
school” as somehow equivalent, or superior to McCain’s actual combat service.  I was aghast. Compounded later by the fact that
the Military School he attended as a young warrior was New York Military Academy, a school where I worked three summer months
as a staff member. We had one water balloon fight. Otherwise the topic of the military never came up.
The debate wherein Trump outed the Bush argument on Iraq, pitted him against the others, who held the line.
Game over for hapless Jeb.  And W.   Yet did opponents of “The Donald” miss their moment?
Is a vote for Trump admitting he was the only one right on Iraq.   Does that mean I, heaven forbid, lose the
Iraq argument?
Given his unbridled self-righteousness will he eventually expose the plethora of evil so far contained?

Asked what he would do differently, Bob Dylan said “…I would be more kind.”
He also said,”…don’t hate nothing but hatred.”

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