Years back, reading James Michener, I took his advice and bought a “Rodale’s Synonym Finder”.   He was right.  Used it tons of times.

It occurred to me that me that so much has been said about Trump that people may be running out of adjectives, and the like.  So I am posting synonyms for tyranny Rodale suggests:

tyrannical, adi copy

Jack Kramer said the fundamental strategy of tennis singles is to find out what your opponent can’t do, or doesn’t like to do, and make them do that!

Our opponent now is not Russia, Iraq, Republicans.   Humankind vs Nasty Microbes is the main event.  Quite honestly your religion has nothing to do with it.  The truth will set you free.  Data is the answer as solid data yields the truth.  Data as  a belief system is our only chance.  One who denigrates science for “my gut” is gambling with mankind”s existence.

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