For about two years I have spent a lot of time self-publishing two books. One is plenty but two was troublesome. One writing critic gave this example: A physician told him he had three weeks vacation in August and would write “his” book then. The writer’s response was that he had the same time period off and would become a brain surgeon during the same three weeks.
THE LITTLE GREEN BOOK of TENNIS by Tom Parham was recommended and accepted as a guide for all North Carolina public high school tennis coaches. Hopefully  all 711 coaches now have their copy. This was my “opus” though it really is a summation of the great teachers and coaches I learned from. I am proud of this book and am confident it will help players, teams, and coaches.
Now–I have two new grandsons. Only one more book to finish, with the intention of leaving them with some idea of their past. This one is entitled THANKSGIVING, is more or less family related.
Hopefully now I can return to fun writing on the blog.
My natural topics seem to have been and continue to be Sports, mostly college sports–Tennis, humor, politics of war, friends and friendship, dying right, and living right. One will be reflective on past blogs and and an evaluation of whether they were ‘prescient” or mistaken. Stay tuned.

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