Maybe my music teaching Mom gave me an “appreciation gene” if not a drop of talent.
I noticed the new Pope thinks Bob Dylan is a “false prophet.” I don’t remem- ber Bob claiming deity. I asked “Country” who he thought the new Pope would be? “Probably be another Catholic,” he reassured.
People tell me “I can’t understand what Dylan is saying” or “I don’t get it.” Maybe you get him or you don’t.
I know during rehab from several surgeries I read his lyrics book closely. An
updated one goes through 2002.
If you’re interested in this wealth of work read the lyrics along with the music.
I’m a Dylan fan, not a “Dylanologist.” Over 5000 courses are taught in Dylan
throughout academia.
Two Dylan poems hold up with the “greats”: (1) Forever Young and (2) Every
Grain of Sand. Read number one for your children, number two for your faith. If these don’t affect you, read no further in this chapter. (Pages 181-182)
Ray Charles once suggested, “ you may not like all I play, but hang on, I’ll find you.”

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