A few years back there was a TV show called COACH.  Burt Reynolds played “Coach”.  Hal Holbrook was his father-in -law.  In every episode there would be a situation from the past that Burt would innocently mention, eliciting the constant response from Holbrook:  “yeah-but that was before you married my daughter and ruined my life.”

Football staffs just call each other Coach.  Lots of turnover.  I coached 40 plus years and hung around a lot of coaches who couldn’t remember, or pronounce my name confidently.  I didn’t mind being called Coach.  I always wanted to be a coach and was proud some people thought I was one.

When you retire people ask,  “what do you do all day?”  Bum Phillips said “…I don’t  do nothing and I don’ start till noon”.  I only have one appointment booked weekly (Wed. 3pm til 8pm at VFW Post 6690).   And I have helped with a local high school tennis team.

I had been doing projects and you have to have projects to make the winter tolerable.  Now, nearly 80 years old,  I’m cutting back .  My grandson in Raleigh calls me POP.  I think I’ll be Pop for a while now.


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