(ALBERT JOE and the Billy Goat Dance)

Abba joe from balt e mo

Get your skinny tight pants.

Billy goats, nanny goats,

Evah body dance


Huey duey donald duck and daffy

Uncle looey’s dirty jokes,

Made evah body laffy


Looey looey barbequey,

Momma likes a toddy.

Legoes and pregoes,

Dinners get shoddy


Daddy cooks, momma looks,

Bubble gum and bumble bees,

Eat your greens , fart your beans

We all dance for honey.


In a well? Ring my bell!

Up a tree? Call on me.

Rodger lodger, dirty codger.

Roger dodger man to see.


Hootchie kootchie

Momma louchie—

Bobawhobahah, bobaloochie,

Evah body dance

One thought on “U. BILLY GOAT DANCE (356)

  1. ethomasparham

    Teri Kennedy
    8:09 AM (2 hours ago)
    to me

    Good job on Lee’s story, “ The Floor Shows.” You were right. The priest nailed the eulogy.
    I just had to say when we moved to Wilson in the 50s, I remember Albert Joe Rabil aka “ AbbaJoe” and the billy goat dance.
    “See me Tuesday,”

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