With your hands in your pockets

And your pockets in your pants,

Watching all the fishees do

The hootchie kootchie dance.


Hootchie kootchie, Alabama

Marmalade and jelly.

Put your shoes back on,

Your feets are too smelly.


Rodger dodger, hootchie kootchie

Hokey pokey ants.

Come on down to pete’s

And watch the billy goat dance.


Hootchie kootchie james and lennox

Watching daddy dance.

They got their hands in their pockets

And their pockets in their pants.



Andre Parham

Mon, Mar 25, 10:49 PM (5 days ago)

Grand Babies

Today at 8:36 PM
With your feet in your socks
And your socks in your shoes,
Watching all the turtles do
The Grand Daddy blues.
Shimmy shimmy coco puffs
Partying with Mr. Diesel
Milk and ice cream sandwiches
It’s so fun, but not always legal.
Shimmy shimmy coco puffs
Shimmy shimmy pow!
Come on down to Bubbie’s house
The beach’ll make you say, “Wow!”
Playing fun games with Lennox and James
Watching Granddad  pose
They got their toes in the sand
And the sand in their toes.

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