Check your Grips in the “Hit-Spot” (36)

The most irrefutable physical law in tennis is that “…the ball will be directed where you point the racquet at the moment the strings meet the ball.” This sounds simple enough but it is a fundamental that is often overlooked by a beginner who is trying to think of ten things at once.

As a tennis instructor, one can heighten his class’ attention with the mere suggestion of the proper backhand grip discussion. Almost immediately, pupils will pick up their racquets and search for this mystic grip that will cure their frustrating backhand problem. While no grip will atone for poor position or improper “hit-spot,” an understanding that grip change reinforces wrist strength is essential.

No matter how one explains this necessity, students have a period of time in which the decisions of which way, and how much, the hands turn are confusing. The same is true of all grips when one progresses to the point that all strokes have been explained. In order to cope with this indecision, a teacher can facilitate grip change understanding by having students check their grips in the various “hit-spots.”

Most beginners tend to check their grips in the “ready”, or “waiting” position. By checking grips in the hit-spot a beginner can immediately relate grips and their relationship to “the most irrefutable physical law in tennis.” One can also more easily ascertain the value of proper grip to wrist reinforcement.

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