Hackalooski (25)

Two suggestions from a “Hackalooski”:

First a Definition of “Hackalooski” : A poor golfer giving advice to good golfers.

As a high handicap, old tennis coach turned lousy golfer, I often have these two observations:

A) Golfers don’t like to be told anything technical, particularly on the golf course.   While I agree this can be annoying, I have this suggestion for groupings of golfers:   While rotating among a group of men I hear comments about the other players (“He ought to do this, etc”).   I often agree with them on obvious mistakes.   My guess is an “inner group” Coaching Session would yield a lot of worthwhile and accurate suggestions from the group to each individual.

B) Please allow me one “cross over” suggestion from baseball and tennis:   Famed tennis pro Welby Van Horn stated, “Balance is the clue to good tennis and footwork is the clue to good balance.  “I think this is the most violated and easily corrected golf techniques.

Watch the feet of a pro (or good) golfer at the end of their follow through.   I think that K.J. Choi has the best balance.   While baseball and tennis players take a step forward on the left foot (Note: For right handers), golfers keep their foot stable.   This is your anchor foot.   It puts you on balance.   It is slightly “open”, or set at 60 degrees.   Power comes from efficiency of stroke.   This power comes from from the right hip, specifically the “iliac crest”, turning.   As the hip completes its turn, your back or right foot winds up on your “tip toes”.   It is your “adjustment” foot.   Your front foot puts you on balance, your back foot keeps you on balance.

Watch the good ones.

Golf Digest ran an article on the technique at the end of 2011. Lost my copy…

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