Burlington Times-News Article (4)

Don Bolden covers Coach’s book in an article for the Burlington Times-News entitled Life as a Coach is More Than Coaching. Here’s an excerpt:

It is a unique book in that the first part is an autobiography filled with seemingly endless accounts of his life as a Baptist preacher’s kid, as a fun-loving rebellious teenager, as a pretty good high school athlete and as a highly successful college tennis coach.

The stories are priceless. Consider the story of the little preacher’s kid who pilfered 50 cents from the collection plate and got caught by his dad.

And the one of the harried teenaged soda jerk in a Robbins drug store who once told a legendary University of North Carolina basketball coach, impatient for service, to wait. He made that profanity-laced suggestion with his head still in the ice cream counter. When he looked up and saw who was there, he quietly made his way to the street.

Read the entire review here.


2 thoughts on “Burlington Times-News Article (4)

  1. Kym Eckard

    If you love tennis, you will like this book and learn immeasurably from it. If you love a great story, you may never put this one down!

  2. Randy Campbell

    Anyone from North Carolina will appreciate the wit and humor Coach uses to navigate through the world and his stories. It is a textbook on both tennis and life.

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